1-Db Goddess : The best thermogenic made specifically for women to burn fat fast!

Testimonials... Yes, REAL Testimonials!

"I'm a nurse and work long shifts. The 1-Db Goddess FASTpack gives me the energy I need to make it through them and still have energy to get my workouts in. I started the 1-Db Goddess FASTpack and in three months time, have lost nine pounds. I am very satisfied with my results and will continue to use it will reaching my fat loss goals."

-Michelle B.

"I work in a hot factory all day and it is hard to get my work done. The 1Db Goddess FASTpack helps get me motivated to get my work done. Using the 1-Db Goddess FASTpack I do not want to sit around and do nothing, I feel productive and want to get things done. I have a ton of energy and focus and have lost 12 pounds without really even trying!"

-Glenda J.

"I decided to take the 1-Db Goddess FASTpack after hearing about it so much on the radio. I had tried so many different products in the past I was very skeptical as to whether it would work or not but I was pleasantly surprised! I feel better than I have felt in years! I have great energy without feeling hyper, I am never uncontrollably hungry, and I am always in a better mood. This is the first diet supplement that I have ever actually bought twice! I have recommended it to literally every one of my friends."

-Megan S.

"I love the 1DbGoddess FASTpack! It gives me the energy I need to power through my low carb/calorie diet and really helps suppress my appetite for calorie control. I definitely recommend the 1-Db Goddess FASTpack for anyone looking to take their fitness routine up a notch . 1-Db Goddess FASTpack is the only fat burner that I have actually seen and felt results from. It really helps me during "that time of month" when I usually am having mood swings like crazy. Besides that it has helped me drop over 17 pounds and made it a lot easier than I could have ever imagined."

-Stephanie M.

"I've been taking 1-Db Goddess for 4 weeks and I am amazed with the results. I've lost 15 pounds and 10 inches, and I'm not done yet!  They make me feel so much more energetic without any jitters, and they make my workouts fly by without that crash!  When I eat a meal I definitely cannot eat the whole thing, so it has really helped curb my appetite and control my snacking.  I’d recommend 1-Db Goddess for any woman who’s struggling with weight loss and wants to burn fat."

-April S.

"I started using the 1-Db Goddess a little over a month ago. I had previously hit a little plateau trying to get the last 10 pounds off. The FASTpack has done wonders for my energy and focus, on top of helping drop those last 10 pounds and belly fat. I've just started my second pack and the weight continues to come off. It’s kept me motivated to eat healthier, stay more active and feel healthier and more vibrant overall. I love the 1-Db Goddess FASTpack. Thank you!"

-Kristin H.

"I had my second child about a year ago. Unlike the first, my baby weight has not come off so easily. So I decided to try that 1-Db Goddess FASTpack. 1DbGoddess sparked an amazing jolt in my progress. My energy levels were off the charts and the baby weight and belly fat seemed to melt off. In only 4 weeks I'm halfway to my goal of losing 30 pounds."

-Rebecca H.

"I've been following Weight Watchers for a few years and have lost some weight on that, but it’s slow at coming off and I’m constantly tempted to cheat. I wanted to speed it up some, so a couple months ago, I started taking the 1-Db Goddess FASTpack as well. Since March when I started the 1-Db FASTpack I have lost 30 pounds. With it, I’m not tempted to cheat and I stick to the correct amount of points for my program. The 1-Db Goddess FASTpack has made a huge difference in my weight loss goals!"

-Nancy H.

"I had never tried any weight loss products before and I admit I was a little skeptical before purchasing the 1-Db Goddess FASTpack. Since starting it I have way more energy for my fitness classes and I never think about food. I'm one 1-Db Goddess FASTpack in and I'm down 13 pounds!"

-Laurie H.

"While I'm on the 1-Db Goddess FASTpack I'm always alert. I lost 15 pounds in only one month. While I'm at the office my focus is intense, but my mood is great. The 1-Db Goddess FASTpack makes me feel like I'm never hungry. The 1-Db Goddess FASTpack really helps me with the parts of my life I could not control. Since I have been on the 1-Db Goddess FASTpack I have an increase in energy and my focus through out the day is great. The 1-Db Goddess FASTpack has helped control my cravings for bad food. I can also say that I feel great and I am in a better mood now."

-Cindy A.

"The 1-Db Goddess FASTpack gives me energy to do more throughout the day. It's the boost that I need to get in exercise programs and kick it into gear. The 1-Db Goddess FASTpack makes me feel as good as I've ever felt, and has helped me lose 20 pounds! I've been looking for a weight loss pill that would work without getting me wired, I'm just glad I finally found it. "

-Brenda W.

"I love the 1-Db Goddess FASTpack! It has helped me lose 30 pounds and helps me stay focused during work. My energy level has increased during my workouts also. I love how the 1Db Goddess FASTpack makes me feel and how it has helped with my workouts. It really enhances my mood and allows me to focus on my daily task much more clearly. This isn't just a product for someone working out; it also helps with everyday activities. "

-Rachel S.

"The 1-Db Goddess FASTpack has made losing weight and staying on a strict diet a lot easier. While being a stay at home mom and making food for my 2 young kids, it can be really easy to go back to old, "easy", eating habits. The 1-Db Goddess FASTpack has changed my whole outlook on dieting and made it 10 times easier."

-Annette M.

"I’ve taken fat burners in the past but the 1DbGoddess FASTpack is hands down the best product I’ve ever used. I’m down 13 pounds in a month! I just starting taking Level-1 with the 1-Db Goddess and I can already feel the difference. It is the only thing that truly works."

-Daniele W.

"This is my third go around with the 1-Db Goddess FASTpack and all I can say is WOW! I can’t believe the sustained energy and focus I get and not to mention the results! I’ve told many of my friends about it and they are loving it, too!  I didn't want to lose a lot of weight. I just wanted to cut up for summer. I used the 1-Db Goddess FASTpack to help me lose that little extra bit of belly fat. I have always had a hard time eating breakfast so I started taking Level-1 and it has helped a lot. The 1-Db Goddess FASTpack has also helped me a lot with staying focused in college."

-Clara M.

"When I took my first dose, it was as if angels appeared out of the sky and began singing Halleluiah! I was bursting with energy, my workouts rocked and my cravings vanished! If you are like me, you are a busy person with a hectic schedule. Sometimes it’s difficult to gather the energy to workout like a rock star when you have had a long day of work, the kids have homework and soccer practice and you have piles of laundry as tall as Mount Everest! 1-Db Goddess gave me the energy I needed (without giving me that jittery feeling that some weight loss supplements do) to get an awesome workout and keep up with my busy lifestyle. And if you are stuck at a certain weight, 1-Db is the secret weapon you need to annihilate that stubborn body fat!"

-Gillian R.

"I am very caffeine sensitive, so I was skeptical when I decided to try this product, but I'm glad I did. My heart doesn't race like it does when I use most fat burners and I have long lasting energy on just 1 capsule of this stuff. I feel great and never get a crash. I will definitely purchase 1-Db Goddess again."

-Barb D.

"I love 1-Db Goddess! I take it with Thyro-Drive. 1-Db Goddess definitely helps with my appetite, because I'm usually starving every 3 hours like clockwork… Not anymore. I love it for non-jittery energy in the morning and no longer feel the need for coffee or diet sodas. I like to take it before my long runs (half marathon training). I seriously feel great with this stuff! Love it!"

-Kelly M.

"I work in an office environment and normally I always rely on tea or coffee to get me through the day. Now I just take 1 Goddess cap in the morning and 1 at noon and I'm set for the day. This is more cost effective than a couple energy drinks and no calories as well. The energy on this stuff is amazing I still feel great even after work. Will definitely use again."

-Julie B.

"I have used 2 packs of the 1-Db Goddess and Thyro-Drive and this is one of the best products I've ever taken. I used to use the regular 1-Db-Thyro pack and while that was great this is even better. It is a great product for just the mood enhancement alone. I can't say enough about the overall energy levels, how it helps with my endurance on my runs and the appetite suppression."

-Carrie U.

"I have just recently been introduced to your products and have been using the Level-1 and love it! Started with a few samples of the 1-Db Goddess and day 1 noticed a huge change in my energy levels without the jitters, so I purchased the combo 1-Db Goddess and Thyro-Drive. Been using them for almost a week now and am loving all the benefits from increased energy, decreased hunger, better concentration which has helped me at work and increased my workout intensity! Thanks 1st Phorm for the awesome products!!! Looking forward to adding the Phormula-1 and Ignition to my stash soon for my post-workout supplements!"

-LeAnn L

"I use the 1-Db Goddess & Thyro-Drive. I love this product over any thermo I've used in the past. It really kills my appetite, no crash and helps me through my workouts. I would definitely recommend this to my friends."

-JoAnn C.

"I did not try the Goddess supplements right away, I had tried the Overdrive version. When I did not get the expected results, I contacted 1st phorm via email and they suggested I try the Goddess version because it is specially formulated for women and I should see way better results. They were right! The supplements give me the extra “umph” I need during the day and keep me energized through my workout sessions at the gym. They also help balance hormone levels, which let’s face it- in this day and age is a must!"

-Jen K.

"I started the 1-Db Goddess regimen today: holy energy, batman!"

-Kat F.

"I love this product! It gives me the energy I need to get through a long work day and it puts me in a great mood. To top it all, Goddess seems to not only help my food cravings, but my cigarette cravings as well!"

-Ashley D.

"1-Db Goddess is fantastic! It suppresses my appetite, gives me tons of energy all day long, and most importantly the motivation to stick to my program. I am excited to say that I have lost 11 pounds in a month and at 46 years old, I look and feel better now than I have in a long time."

-Susan P.

"I am a 33 year old female who has tried multiple diet plans and tried many supplements over time to try and lose some baby weight and belly fat which I gained nearly five years ago when I had my daughter. Nothing seemed to help; dieting, dieting with supplements, dieting with exercise and supplements. I was at a loss and it felt like I would never be able to regain my pre-pregnancy figure. I heard about your product from a friend one day and still determined to drop the weight, I decided to give 1-Db Goddess a shot. I love the way I feel when I take 1-Db Goddess and I have used it now and only 6 weeks later I have lost 15 pounds and am happier that ever with my results. I couldn’t be more excited. Thank you, 1-Db Goddess."

-Jenn G.

"I don't put in 8 hour days. It's more like 10 to 12 hours a day. 1-Db gives me energy that lasts, and no coffee runs throughout the day!"

-Terri B.

"After taking 1-Db Goddess, my food cravings are gone and it gives me tons of energy. I can't believe how "behind the scenes" it works. I have "0" jitters and sometimes I need to remind myself to eat!"

-Stephanie W.

"My high stress job means I eat for comfort. 1-Db Goddess helps curb my appetite so I'm not stuffing my face during the day."

-Cheryl M.

"I can't believe how great 1-Db Goddess works! I ♥ ♥ ♥ it! "

-Courtney B.

"I bought this product just searching for something to suppress my appetite. Not only does it do a great job of that I have gotten real results with weight loss as well. Great stuff."

-Christine F.

"Several years ago, I switched jobs from one where I was very active and on the go working with customers, to a job where I sit behind a computer all day, everyday. It seems like since then - I have become increasingly heavier and increasingly tired throughout the day. I have set a goal to look and feel better by my 20 year high school reunion next year and I have been taking 1-Db Goddess for a few weeks now, with great results. I have more energy at the end of the day for things like going to the gym and spending quality time with my husband. I am very excited to turn heads next year at the reunion! Thank you for a wonderful product! This is what I have been looking for when it comes to losing inches and helps with cravings and the energy for a great workout!"

-Melissa H.

"I have a very physical job, where I am on my feet all day. DB1 Goddess has been the best product I have found for energy and focus. I have been getting so much more done, the other staff has a hard time keeping up."

-Melanie C.

"After baby number 3, I had almost lost hope on getting back to my old figure. When I first started taking Goddess, I noticed a definite jump in my mood and my energy levels. Now that I have been taking your product for a few weeks, I am starting to really see results everywhere else(including burn belly fat)! Between the increase in energy and reduced cravings, I have never felt so in control of my diet. Thanks 1st Phorm."

-Sandra C.

"I wanted to take a minute to thank you. I have never tried a product before that has been so successful at battling my cravings. I am a 28 year old female, that has struggled with dieting off an on for many years now. I have seen some success, but have always gained the weight back after losing interest in one diet or workout plan after another. Now I am trying a new plan - moderation. I have been exercising and eating sensibly, but not starving myself or forcing myself to eat food I really don't like. I am trying to make it a lifestyle this time. With your product, I am able to control how much that I eat and have a little energy boost to help get out and exercise, even when I'm feeling a little lazy. I know now that it is up to me make decisions I can live with in the long term, but I do appreciate the help getting settled into my new routine. Thanks again."

-Rhonda S.

"I'm at a healthy weight and don't need to lose. But...the extra energy I get from 1-Db Goddess is the reason I take it. AMAZING!"

-Sarah C.

"The 7 extra pounds I put on LAST Christmas stuck around for 8 months until I started taking 1-Db Goddess and hitting the gym once more a week. Thanks a million!"

-Nikki C.

"I've tried other fat burners. No competition, 1-Db Goddess kills them all. It's the best diet pill on the market when it comes to womens thermogenics."

-Casey P.

"I have been using the 1Db Goddess FASTpack, Level-1 Chocolate and M-Factor Goddess Multivitamin for 6-weeks now and am extremely satisfied with my results. The 1-Db Goddess FASTpack has helped me lose 9 pounds in the last 6-weeks while following my diet 5 out of the 7 days of the week. Yes, I cheat on the weekends. The Goddess is AMAZING though ... It helps me stay focused while on my diet, in my workouts and throughout the day too. Basically helping me get everything done on my busy days without feeling stressed or worried, its like I know what I need to do and I just get it done without any hesitation. I never thought I could be so focused or motivated on anything in my life but the Db1 Goddess FASTpack has definitely helped me achieve that focus and confidence to do everything I always set out to do but never get done because of procrastination."

-Kayla D.



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